About Me

My name is Andrii. I live outside of Kyiv(Ukraine) with my wife and 4 horses;)

Step by step my programming hobby ended as full-time remote work on a freelance basis doing full-stack development.

I have found great designer who helped me with making outstanding designs and I am doing development using React, NodeJS, MongoDB, NextJS, GraphQL, TypeScript.

According to The Manifest AndyAndUX services got into top 15 UX companies in Ukraine

Front-end development
Front-end development with React / Sass / CSS and latest technologies
Create UX
Web animation
Animation of vector graphics using CSS and JavaScript
Create UI
Back-end development
Powering your backend using powerfull latest technologies like NodeJS, KoaJS, MySQL, MongoDB, GraphQL
Validate designs
Test your ideas by creating clickable prototypes, MVP or beta version of your ideas.
My Works

Advanced audio player for Bignoise Radio station

Goal of this project was to create advanced radio player for hip hop radio station.

Another developer made PHP back-end. My work was to make front-end layout.

After the project was completed I have worked on various other parts of website.

UI and UX for setup wizard for PBX phone system

Together with UI designer our job was to redesign of a cloud PBX installation wizard. This is difficult and important
step to get access to a telecommunication system. Therefore it should be intuitive and easy
to use. FOr us it was challenge to create a user-friendly interface for a user that has not
previously used a telecommunication system. We have received very positive feedback for our work, you can read it on our Clutch page under “Enrollment Form UX/UI for Communications Company” name”.

UI and UX for Aquapoint scheduling system

Another work with a UI designer. The job was to redesign large SaaS system for pool owners, that gives them full remote control
over different pools in different locations. Our job was to redesign a core functionality
of a system – Scheduling part for pool owners to manage tasks for pool staff and a profile
management system.

InkBoard Finance Dashboard Web Design

This is a design of a finance dashboard. InkBoard was designed as finance dashboard for small companies. InkBoard answers the questions: what is our current financial situation in a company? Has easy to use interface and good navigaton. Several tabs for different aspects of a company.

E-commerce website design

I have been asked to make UX research and improve UI design of the website. Our research showed that the target audience is satisfied with current designs and most of the things required were improvements to form validation, little improvements to information architecture. Our research saved a lot of money for a company. After we did just little improvements on UI parts which were not significant in comparison to total website redesign. More info you can read on feedback left on Clutch named “UI/UX Audit for Marketing Department”.

Wordpress website for School of Communication

This is a website for School of Communication in Kiev. There is custom design and integration it with WordPress CMS.

Danny aka Noiseman
Director / Founder at Big Noise Radio

Andrii and his superb design team exceeded my expectations. Andrii provided a personal touch that is critical to urban brands and unconventional projects such as ours. Although our audio system is rather complex, Andrii optimized the player performance in just a few iterations and delivered a state-of-the-art audio player.

AndyAndUX delivered fantastic service and operated with integrity. They were an attentive and caring partner that communicated well and responded to feedback quickly. We will undoubtedly reengage AndyAndUX in the future. AndyAndUX is well-equipped to deliver success to all businesses, from small startups to large corporations.

Daniel Jaenicke
Founder of Pathway AI

Andrii is a fantastic developer. He communicates clearly and effectively and is constantly using his initiative to get the job done. He makes sure he has the information he needs in order to complete the job and constantly keeps you updated of his progress. His speed and coding ability are quick, efficient, and clean, and he is also a REALLY nice guy. I highly recommend Andrii as he will get the job done and make sure it’s stress free for you!

Roopesh Shrivastav
Online Project Manager at Telebroad

Andrew has now become my “go-to” person for any UI/UX design for software development projects. He goes deep by himself to understand the app domain and customer requirements, needs no supervision and coaching, and delivers stunning results in time. Highly recommended!

Founder of E-Server

Nice experience working with AndyAndUX. They delivered in time and spent all the time
needed to understand the project and improve UI/UX of my e-commerce business. Highly recommended!

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