About Me
My name is Andrii. I live outside of Kyiv(Ukraine) with my wife and 4 horses;) Step by step my programming hobby ended as full-time remote work on a freelance basis doing full-stack development.
I have found great designer who helped me with making outstanding designs and I am doing development using React, NodeJS, MongoDB, NextJS, GraphQL, TypeScript. According to The Manifest AndyAndUX services got into top 15 UX companies in Ukraine
Front-end development
Front-end development with React / Sass / CSS and latest technologies
Create UX
Web animation
Animation of vector graphics using CSS and JavaScript
Create UI
Back-end development
Powering your backend using powerfull latest technologies like NodeJS, KoaJS, MySQL, MongoDB, GraphQL
Validate designs
Test your ideas by creating clickable prototypes, MVP or beta version of your ideas.
My Works
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