This is the post about why and how I started my freelancing career as a software engineer.

Even though I had good grades in math and good computer skills I have pursued sales and project management path after finishing university in 2013. I have worked for nearly four years for different companies on head of sales and project management roles. I have worked with 50+ clients from different countries with 4 different companies in Ukraine.

For 2.5 years my hobby on my free time was finishing various programming courses. I have ended up finishing more than 15 different courses in various web development fields. Big part of the courses were dedicated to JavaScript. I have chosen JavaScript as a main language. Before using latest versions of EcmaScript standard and learning some frameworks or libraries I mastered ES5 learned how JS works behind the scenes. It was very good since I was able to understand a lot of core concepts and how JS really works under a hood.

My first Python project was CRUD stock app with Flask and MySQL.

My first project was JavaScript canvas 2d tile game/ I had a lot of fun making it, and it turned out that it was very practial experience. First of all there were  parts of functional programming in JavScript, secondly I got very interested with client interactive elements made on a browser. After when I will be working with SVG and JavaScriot things will be so much easier for me.

I love programming for number of reasons: ability to use my analytical thinking, create meaningful projects, ability to work from home and spend more time with my wife and my family.

I was getting tired from the routine work on my PM and VP of sales routine. All my free time I dedicated to learning programming and making projects. I had a friend designer with whom we made a bunch of design and UX projects. For me UX is quite interesting area, I took several courses on UX mastery and I have very good background in it, but nevertheless I love programming more.

So at some point obviously programming had to become a full time job and I have started working as full time freelancer. For my freelancing work I use JavaScript, React/Redux and partly NodeJS development. That modern stack povers big number of web applications and I enjoy working with it.