Our job was to redesign a cloud PBX installation wizard. Wizard is used to correctly install cloud PBX system. Our client has a designer in their team. They did their best to improve the UX of the wizard as much as possible. We had to improve it further and change the UI to the material design system.

The main problem client had with a wizard is that it was originally designed by technical people and is hard for “non-techies”. So our job was to make it more user-friendly.

The final result you may see here:


Here are some main symptoms of a bad UX of the wizard:

  • A user might get a little bit shocked when he opens a wizard, due to its complexity and a large number of unclear steps.
  • there is no proper description of the steps / system status / no definition of terms
  • it is not clear how the steps works

We didn’t have a lot of data to work with. For ourselves, we called our user Tom. Tom has no prior technical experience and it is a first time he is ordering such a system. Tom already paid for the PBX telephone system.

Main things we did to improve Tom’s experience:

– when you first up open a wizard we used a mini-setup screen, so users know what to expect.

– we have changed the UI of the wizard and moved the description of the steps to the right where we had a place to describe them well.

– we have highlighted the fact that the user can go back to any step at any moment.

-in case Tom will get stuck, we added a support phone number.

– we have decreased the number of steps by uniting numbers and porting since logically they belong together.

In the end, the user experience becomes much better it was clear what to expect next and what you should finish the setup process well. We have made it much easier for a non-technical user to set up a system, even if it is the first time they are dealing with cloud PBX telephony services.