A year ago we have been asked to work on SaaS software for pool owners to manage personnel. Aquapoint is large SaaS system for pool owners, that gives them full remote control over different pools in different locations. AquaPoint system has a big established competitor on the market. Our work was to redesign Aquapoint UI and give better user experiences for scheduling and profiles sections.

Instead of trying to replicate all the features of another system we focused on a key user journey and making good clean UI.

First, we have started with a UI. We have defined brand colors, made the new logo and made a mockup of the system.

After we have started working on key user journeys, the main of which was scheduling activities for personnel.

There was a big amount of details:

– A classical calendar has 3-4 views a day, 4-days, week, month, sometimes a year. Since a key part of the system is the ability to add small recurring tasks for 5-10 minutes each. It was not sufficient for our users. So we made 6 hours view.

– Originally the system had a horizontal break down of the tasks. We have changed it to vertical break down, for better user experience on mobile devices.

– Another part we made was making admin panel to manage user profiles. This part was less complicated and was not as important as the scheduling part.