About Me
My name is Andrii. I am doing development using React, NodeJS, MongoDB, NextJS, GraphQL, TypeScript.

I work with great UI/UX designer.

According to The Manifest AndyAndUX services got into  top 15 UX companies in Ukraine
Front-end development
Front-end development of user interfaces
Back-end development
Server side development using NodeJS, MongoDB, KoaJS, Type
project architecture
Designing architecture of projects.
Prototyping, creation of minimum viable projects, testing ideas

Danny came from Clutch and asked to make Music Player for his Hip Hop Radio Station. I am not very good wp developer, I asked to make most of the logic to a friend of mine and I made a layout for a player. Music player should be integrated in most of the pages of the website and should be present on separate page "Radio" where it should load various radio shows. After project completion I started working on various tasks on the site and prepared it for launch.

EServer Rack Builder

Visual tool for building telecom diagrams. This tool give the opportunity for a person to check how many telecom rackmounts could fit into a telecom rack of certain hight and also enables to download their diagram.

Project was build using React and Redux for manipulating SVG. Enables drag and drop capabilities for ease of use. Project already got its first feedbacks.

I have started development in my free time in November 2018. In Novemeber 2019 project was released. Application got its first user and its first feedback and right now I am developing next version with some new features.

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