God gave me a few situations when it looked like everything was quite seriously stuck and it seemed there was no way out of it.

Here is how my mind went about some hard situations:
– you have googled it, and there is no ready solution there
– the only way out you can think of is some radical solution, for example migrating all your codebase from one version to another which can take quite significant time.

Don’t despair, God gave it to you for a reason:)

After working out of few of such situations, God taught me some sort of framework how to behave in this situations.


Start: write down what you know: what the issue is, in which environment it seem to happen, what you did before.

Make assumptions/ gather information: you need to do something about it. You can either make assumptions why it is not working(due to some missing code, or some other things), or test how the issue behave in different environments, like another browser, or private window.

It helps to write everything down since otherwise it will be mess in your head quite soon and short term memory is quite limited.

You can be pointing to absolutely opposite direction from where the solution will be in the end, but it is important to keep working on the issue.

Remember when things don’t work it is the greatest possibility to learn. When I was younger I was addicted to video games. At some games, your goal is not only to pass a level, but to get experience for your hero / get level up. Here things are very similar: yougreat goal is not only solvethis situations a problem but learn as much as possible. I believe that God gives us so we can learn a lot, so it is wise to write everything you learned down and you will see some progress.

Make breaks and think of what you did while having a walk for example. This is explained by Barbara Oakley in “Learning How to Learn” course, which I can talk a lot about, probably should do a post how much value she brought with simple and powerful instruments:)

When everything will be done and you will be a conqueror:) – try to go back down and read once again everything everything you wrote down. So your brain can memoryze it better for future. Otherwise there is a chance that you will have only one though in your head: “Hurray, I made it”, without actually remembering what you made and how difficult it was;)

There is nothing new to be taught to you. But hope it will bring you some help.